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Admission Process

THANK YOU for your interest in our school. 
At our school, we prepare our students for a global environment, helping them become informed as global citizens and to appreciate diversity and respect for other cultures while developing a strong national identity and making sure they develop the skills necessary to make sense of what they are learning and their environment at each level, from Toddlers to 9th grade.
At our school, we experience life in three languages: English, Spanish, and French.
Our Admissions Process
Contact us or visit us. 

Get to know our educational model by attending our informative sessions, or we can schedule your visit. To arrange a visit to our facilities, kindly provide us with your contact details, and we will schedule an appointment for you.
You can contact us by
Email: [email protected]
WhatsApp number: 81 1611 3101
Front Office: (81) 83 63 28 95 / (81) 16 60 93 17
Fill out the application form to start the admissions process. 

• Fill out the information application via the Internet or through our printed form for the admission appointment and deliver all the documents needed to complete the candidate profile. 
For foreign families: Please email us for the first contact and send a recommendation form from your prior school (filled out by the previous school and delivered in a sealed envelope).
Student evaluation exam
• Once the Admissions Office has received confirmation of payment of the fee, you will receive an email with the scheduled dates to take the corresponding evaluations. These evaluations will enable us to develop the assessment report and/or student profile.
Confirm the date of the candidate’s entrance exam on the designated calendar.
• After completing the exam, the results will be provided to our admissions department. We will contact you to confirm the admission decision.
Parent enrollment agreement
Sign up, pay the registration fee… and get excited!