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Grades 6 - 9
middle school principal
Salut! Hello! Hola!
A message from our Middle School Principal
Ms. Sylvia  Chavarria
Our main objective is to have a safe and healthy school environment that allows our students to successfully develop, strengthening their social-emotional and academic skills, aptitudes, and knowledge so they can be capable of facing the challenges of life. We strive to bring out the best in each one of our students.
SUCCESS is the sum of all efforts,
repeated day in and day out.
                                              Robert Collier 
  Why we love what we do
Working with adolescents is a great challenge; however,  we are committed to finding and implementing strategies and using different teaching skills that will motivate, and create within our students curiosity and an interest in learning. We work with interdisciplinary projects, getting meaningful and collaborative learning while working in teams and enriching the skills of every student.
Through our Conscious Discipline program, teachers look forward to guiding our students in how to manage their emotions, make good choices, and apply the social-emotional skills they are acquiring whenever a difficult situation arises.  
Our teaching staff are constantly being trained with a variety of professional development sessions, and seeking personal and emotional growth so they can execute an outstanding job for all of our students.  Our teachers are specialized in the subject they teach.
Our school is always looking for an integral education through the academic, emotional, humanitarian, arts, and sports areas that allow our students to define and achieve their life projects.
  Learning and teaching
Our students start their day, the brain-smart start way. Every morning, during homeroom time, the teachers together with the students, carry out activities to connect, commit, and disengage stress that will help them prepare the brain and body to learn.
- The subjects that we teach in middle school are Spanish, Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies (History, Geography, and Civics), French, Physical Education, ICT, Values/Religion, and Social-emotional learning. Eighth and ninth graders have the opportunity to select an elective class like art, music, and MUN, among others.
- As part of our religion program, we attend Mass the first Friday of the month, we have some catholic activities like pilgrimage, Christian Posada, and lent retreats.
- We have a counselor designated to middle school students who is available to offer support, guidance, and care during hard moments or conflicts. 
  About our Learning Areas - Facilities
  • Classrooms with air conditioners
  • Safe Pick-up /Delivery area  ( 2 )
  • 3 large areas for recess and lunch
  • 2 cafeterias
  • Art and Music classrooms
  • ICT classroom for Technology class
  • Clinic
  • Teachers lounge
  • Makers space
  • Science Lab
  • Librar