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Welcome to Euroamerican School - Campus Campestre

Euro Campestre is a private school in the heart of San Pedro designed for local and internationally-minded families, where we focus on encouraging and promoting our students to think in innovative ways rather than conforming to a predetermined mindset. 

Our teachers have vast teaching experience and are passionate about their profession, helping students enhance their development through continuous learning. We offer a top-quality international academic curriculum with high educational standards at all levels in order to prepare our graduates to face the changing demands of the world.

We offer a combination of academic and co-curricular activities that help our students find their identity and passions, develop skills and interests creatively to pursue their dreams and become leaders with a spirit of service.

We are a family with values grounded in faith, with a firm conviction to preserve our national identity and a respect for global diversity

Reasons to choose us

  • Academic Excellence International educational program recognized and validated by more than 20 years of academic excellence.
  • Personalized & multilingual education Educational offer in 3 languages, Spanish, English, and French.
  • Unique methodology We are the first school in Monterrey to offer Conscious Discipline, an international social-emotional learning methodology.
  • Values & Religion Every child is encouraged to find meaning and ambition based on moral values
  • Technology and learning spaces iCube Ecosystem program.
  • Strong and familiar community
  • We are part of Sendica, a nationwide, private, and premium growing network with over 8,000 students.
  • Extracurricular Activities We offer one of the most diverse extracurricular activities; arts, sports, technology and innovation

Events & News

Flag Day

Time: 12 PM
Location: Flagpole
Euro Campestre - Colegio Internacional

The best of two schools - Necali and Euro

Why Euro Campestre? Colegio Necali, part of the premium network of Sendica joined on August 2022, and recently announced on March 2023, that Necali, becomes part of the Euro Family, as Euroamerican School of Monterrey Campus Campestre.
  • +8 international schools
  • +8,000 students
  • Mexico and worldwide
  • Sendica Cups
  • National and international events

Proud to be Euro Campestre